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Friday, August 5, 2011
~ 11:40 PM ~
yawns~ damn tired.......
met up with yan hao, ya zhi and michelle at commonwealth after work 2day for dinner....
anil and xavier were late so we make our way to holland v crystal jade la mian xiao long bao
for xiao long bao buffet
was actually quite full even b4 reaching there but oh well....
the xiao long bao was so so
service was bad and the variety was oso so so only...
well it cos abt $27 per person
dun really think itz worth it and dun think i will go there again....

Sunday, July 31, 2011
~ 1:02 PM ~
ok this will b a super long post
as itz have been super happening the past few dayz so i got no time to blog at all
and i will begin with 26th of july tue

26th july (tue)

after 3 weeks at work finally i had my general orientation
itz a whole day event...
the morning part was kinda boring.... all jus talks....
i was alone no one i know there
had lunch with new make friend from pharmacy all of them r fresh grads from NUS
after lunch we had kinda like a amazing race game around SGH
my team got 2nd and during the race we collected some materials for the next activity which is to use watever material we earned to build a structure tt is tall and can with stand 'typhoon' and 'earthquake'
after the 'natural disaster whichever team's structure is the tallest wins
and my team won lolz

new friends made during orientation:
- wei liang
- faith grace
- alrik

din really get the names of the rest of the ppl

28th july (thur)

normal day at work... have been super unlucky the past 2 weeks....
lots of unlucky things happened at work....
oh well.... nothing i can do....

itz kong's wedding 2day!
after work, pearleen (shi fu), estelle (mei mei) and i make our way to orchard
as we arrived orchard quite early we went to hav a cup of kopi.... and andrieal joined us shortly
kong's wedding dinner is at goodwood park hotel
the place is nice and the food is good to
ppl from my workplace who went are shi ful, mei mei, benjamin (my buddy), andrieal (used to work there), fanny (used to work there too), dr sng(lady boss) and mr wang (senior staff).
could see tt kong was having a great time and he got real drunk at the end of the dinner.

i wish kong and his wife a great marriage and happiness and a long lasting marriage =D

29th july (fri)

itz friday and i dun nd to work!!!
well but tt does not mean i'm damn free k?
had to go connection one for this workshop on service quality by SGH
saw alot of familiar faces for the workshop spend half my day with alrik and his HR gang....
it was boring too all talks... kept falling aslp... -_-"
but after lunch i was splited from alrik's grp but the pharm gang are in the same grp as me lolz
so not too bad still got ppl i noe

after the workshop, i went to somerset 313 to meet up with pri sch friends
had a class gathering... but it was a really mini gathering....
as most ppl last min cant make it for the gathering
end up therez only 5 ppl, daniel( same class for 6 years in pri sch!!!), min zhiu, wee chong and yi ann
we had dinner at botak jones and we had some catching up during dinner
after dinner we wanted to go scape for ice but the shop was full house with alot of ppl 'q'ing
so we gav up and decided to walk around and chit chat abit

30th july (sat)

meet up with loisa, jovin and jackson at clarke quay 'the central'.
we had lunch at mr curry, the food wasn't too bad
after tt we walk around while chatting and we ended up at sticky
we all brought at least a pack each lolz
i brought a pack of lemon rock and blackcurrent blast
love the lemon rock itz sour =D
after tt we went gong cha where i had a cup of gong cha milk oolong tea
itz was not so bad.... but think i still prefer the gong cha milk green tea...
after tt we went to vivo city as there izzit much to do at the central
we walk around vivo and den we go to the arcade to play games
as usual i'm playing the basketball machine and oso played air hockey
den jackson and i played some shooting games while loisa and jovin played some kids games on the machine
after tt jackson nd to go off to settle and stuffs and loisa nd to go back home to do some work
so jovin and i con't window shopping until jackson settled his stuffs and den jovin go find him
and i make my way to somerset 313 again....
had a pri sch gathering once again but this time with different ppl
had dinner at marche with han wei, sammy and angelina
after tt we go central point's Häagen-Dazs for ice-cream
after tt we go lido for a movie
we watched captain america, it was only so so i felt not much special effects compared to other super hero movies but well the movie to look forward to is 'the avengers'!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
~ 10:43 PM ~
ROAR!!! i'm 1st day alone doing culture with minimum supervision.....
after teachings from my 4 shi fus... khin, kong, sofie and pearleen....
and jus rit 2day got tons of specimens!!! haiz
not my day 2day.... oh well.....
oh and 2day is my official 3rd week of work cant wait for pay day~
and boss is treating lunch tmw muhahahahaha
ok going slp le.... v tired....

Sunday, July 17, 2011
~ 11:13 AM ~
by jung yonghwa from CNblue

eng lyrics:

Always under exactly the same sky, always exactly the same day
Other than your not being here, there’s nothing different at all
I just want to smile, want to forget everything
Just like absolutely nothing has happened, smiling to live my days

Miss you, miss you so much, because I miss you so much
Everyday all by myself, calling and calling you
Want to see you, want to see you, because I want to see you so much
Now it’s like I have this habit, keep calling out your name
It’s the same today

I thought I’d let go, not leaving anything behind
No, no, now I still can’t let you go
Miss you, miss you so much, because I miss you so much
Everyday all by myself, calling and calling you

Want to see you, want to see you, because I want to see you so much
Now it’s like I have this habit, keep calling out your name
It’s the same today

Everyday, everyday, it feels like I’m gonna die, what should I do?

Love you, love you, I love you
I hadn’t even spoken the words, I just let you go
Sorry, sorry, do you hear my words
My late confession, can you hear it
I love you

kor lyrics:

늘 똑같은 하늘에 늘 같은 하루
neul ttokgateun haneure neul gateun haru
그대가 없는 것 말고는 달라진 게 없는데
geudaega eomneun geot malgoneun dallajin ge eomneunde
난 웃고만 싶은데 다 잊은 듯이
nan utgoman sipeunde da ijeun deusi
아무일 아는 듯 그렇게
amuil aneun deut geureoke
웃으면 살고픈데
useumyeon salgopeunde

그리워 그리워서 그대가 그리워서
geuriwo geuriwoseo geudaega geuriwoseo
매일 난 혼자서만 그대를 부르고 불러봐요
maeil nan honjaseoman geudaereul bureugo bulleobwayo

보고파 보고파서 그대가 보고파서
bogopa bogopaseo geudaega bogopaseo
이제 난 습관처럼 그대 이름만 부르네요
ije nan seupgwancheoreom geudae ireumman bureuneyo

난 보낸줄 알았죠 다 남김없이
nan bonaenjul aratjyo da namgimeobsi
아니죠 아니죠 난 아직 그대를 못 보냈죠
anijyo anijyo nan ajik geudaereul mot bonaetjyo

그리워 그리워서 그대가 그리워서
geuriwo geuriwoseo geudaega geuriwoseo
매일 난 혼자서만 그대를 부르고 불러봐요
maeil nan honjaseoman geudaereul bureugo bulleobwayo

보고파 보고파서 그대가 보고파서
bogopa bogopaseo geudaega bogopaseo
이제 난 습관처럼 그대 이름만 부르네요
ije nan seupgwancheoreom geudae ireumman bureuneyo

하루하루가 죽을 것만 같은 어떻게 해야 해요
haruharuga jugeul geotman gateun eotteoke haeya haeyo

사랑해 사랑해요 그대를 사랑해요
saranghae saranghaeyo geudaereul saranghaeyo
말조차 못하고서 그대를 그렇게 보냈네요
maljocha motagoseo geudaereul geureoke bonaenneyo

미안해 미안해요 내말이 들리나요
mianhae mianhaeyo naemari deullinayo
뒤늣은 내 고백을 그댄 들을 수 있을까요
dwineuseun nae gobaegeul geudaen deureul su isseulkkayo

Thursday, June 30, 2011
~ 7:31 PM ~
ok... 2nd post of the month and also the last post of the month hahaz....

2nd day of work
even more information pumped into my brain....
was told most ppl take abt 2 weeks to absorb the information...
and abt one year to learn all the basic techniques omg.....
i nd to upgrade my processor to a 32 core processor and my HDD to 100TB le....
after lunch my supervisor suddenly told me to accompany her go this dept meeting...
omg... the whole meeting room only my name tag got no 'DR' in front
wth... scary sia... haiz.....
damn angry....
almost got knocked down at zebra crossing 2day
WTF are wrong with drivers nowadays?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
~ 10:13 PM ~
ROAR! finally a post after so long.....
1st day of work 2day.....
finally after so many delays....
somehow i cant slp at all ytd nite....
too much stuffs on my mind?
oh well....
tot i'm dead when i getting prepared for work tot i'm gonna fall awake during work...
somehow... amazingly... i managed to put on a energetic front...
oh well... all goes well i guess?
NO!!! 1st day of work and i'm told that an audit is coming!! WTF!?
and lab under going renovation now... meaning when renovation is done
zzz sianz
went through alot of 're-caps' 2day mostly alrdy knew during poly
things like lab safety, diff between BSL 1,2,3,4, and how to use the BSC....
lots of stuffs and finally the day end with my boss giving me a brief intro abt TB and wat we do at the lab
omg... i was like 'ttz it man' after hearing all there cos for the next 1 week tons of information will be pumped into my brain argh!!!!
should have gone for the previous IT fair and get myself a 10TB external harddisk for myself den man
oh well....
hope can slp 2nite....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
~ 8:34 PM ~
jus push me a little more.... jus a little more and i'm gonna break

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